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CEO Message

We will manufacture the best product based on the top of technologies and confidence.

Dear all our customers, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to all our customers for visiting our website.

Hyupsung Ind has forecasted and prepared for the future in order to handle the rapid changes in 21C. In addition, we have pursued new technology with constant challenge for achieving the technological advancement and have continued to adhere to superior products so as to meet customer satisfaction.

As a result of our constant efforts, we have just completed High-Tech Automated Manufacturing Facilities(AMF) under better condition of location at sihwa industrial complex and, now, would like to unveil them to you. We are confident that AMF will serve as a momentum to raise concept of our products to a higher level and very pride ourselves on manufacturing products through these facilifies.

Our website will not be the place for promotion of our products only, but will play a further role as variable interaction of information and gathering the opinions of all customers. In addition, we will always make an effort you to get all information about our products at our website and will hope you do not hesitate to propose your valuable opinions

Thank you

Jae Yong Yum

CEO of Hyupsung Ind


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동해 고아라해변의 Take3 펜션을 이용하신 
고객님들의 솔직담백한 이용후기를 올려주세요!


Take3 펜션을 이용하는 방법, 예약현황, 
예약하기, 예약확인을 한눈에 보세요.